Shadows, Trees & Odd Mysteries — The Madness Tree



Malcolm Fernandes' book, the MADNESS TREE, begins with three friends, a trek into the woods and a contest they really want to win. What they find instead are baffling encounters, hidden dangers around every bend in their path and an adventure that is so much more than what they bargained for!




Alan heard a rustle in the bushes behind him. He spun around to spot a shadowy, blurry movement in the trees, just as he had before. But this time, the thing was surging towards him...


There's a little known LEGEND that only a handful of people in the village of Shurooville know of. When three students set out into the WOODS to make a short film, they immediately find themselves lost. Soon they come face-to-face with STRANGE and BAFFLING encounters that send them on a DANGEROUS and EPIC adventure… where there's more at stake than they could ever IMAGINE!


The MADNESS TREE is the second book in the SHADOWS, TREES & ODD MYSTERIES series that follows the MYSTERIOUS myths, ODD occurrences and TERRIFYING tales that revolve around the little-known Naynab trees.


The MADNESS TREE will be available in Paperback and eBook.

The Madness Tree

 Written & Illustrated by Malcolm Fernandes

 Cover Design by Malcolm Fernandes


 Ligia Braidotti

 Larissa Hamblin

 Meghan Stoll


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