SHADOWS, TREES & ODD MYSTERIES — The Ghosts in the Trees



Fans of scary intrigue, get ready for a treat! The ALL NEW edition is now out. Written and illustrated by Malcolm Fernandes, this new edition features layered characters, a heavily expanded plot and much... much more!  





Following the gaze of his partner, Gundu stared at the ground and couldn’t believe his eyes. With the big, bright moon low on the horizon and behind them, the towering Naynab cast long and menacing shadows across the ground — shapes that swayed to and fro in the fierce wind. Among the shadows of its dense trunk and foliage, Gundu could make out one, then two, then three figures with eyes staring at them.


When a DIABOLICAL village sage schemes to have the great old Naynab tree in the south-west corner of the village CHOPPED down for personal gain, a DEFIANT young boy must find a way to SAVE the tree... and maybe more! 

The GHOST IN THE TREES is a short story and the first book in the SHADOWS, TREES & ODD MYSTERIES series that follows the MYSTERIOUS myths, ODD occurrences and TERRIFYING tales that revolve around the little-known Naynab trees.


The GHOSTS IN THE TREES is available in Paperback and eBook.

The Ghosts in the Trees

Written & Illustrated by Malcolm Fernandes

Cover Design by Malcolm Fernandes


Ligia Braidotti

Larissa Hamblin

E Stanley

“The story is the perfect blend of heartwarming, mysterious, and scary. I can't wait to get the next book in series.” – Nicholas Goss, Author of the Traveler’s League series



“Had me hooked like my favorite childhood cartoons. Interesting, engaging and beautiful!

Totally recommend it.” —  Sandeep Sharma




“The ability of a story to convey a message is uncontested. But to truly internalize that message, bringing structured and critical focus to it, is necessary.”

— Malcolm Fernandes

The GHOSTS IN THE TREES is a children's fantasy-mystery story that touches upon several themes like dealing with CHANGE, FEAR, LEARNING and more.


The Ghosts in the Trees TEACHER'S GUIDE is made specifically for teachers, parents and adults, and contains a compilation of these key 'developmental' themes that all children in todays world need to be familiar with, plus — tools to learn about them, discussion questions and activities.

This brief TEACHER'S GUIDE is in the process of development, but if you're a teacher, parent, guardian or adult and would like to receive a free ADVANCE REVIEW COPY & RELATED ACTIVITY SHEETS to try out with your student-readers, click the button below.

“A beautiful, wonderful book that's for all ages.” — Sylvan Cordeiro

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