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Updated: Mar 2, 2020

Hello there, and thanks for stopping by!

I’m Malcolm Fernandes and like you may have noticed already, I love books, art and music and everything and anything that has a ‘creative’ edge to it. I mean it! It could be a nicely designed motorcycle on the road, an awesome movie, an amazing aircraft (I think all aircrafts are amazing btw!), a brilliant new space vehicle exploring Mars, or a intricately designed building, or piece of furniture, or a beautiful tree or mountain, or even a mysterious and amazing marine creature living in the Deeps of the Indian Ocean (yes, and yes - nature is an awesome creative force too) - I love it all!

Also, having completed more than a decade and a half in the Learning & Development slash Training field, I’ve gained a keen interest in not just “Training”, but on the question of “Learning”, how we’ve built our culture around it, and the scope for bringing together different creative fields of expertise. I think we all are learners too. We’ve just planted ourselves at different points of the ‘willingness’ scale. But even that, I think, we can learn to change.

Take me for example. One such budging of ‘willingness’ happened to me some time ago when I discovered the benefits of keeping a journal. I soon developed the habit of jotting things down and have been doing do so for the last several years. Then, it was only a matter of time before my ever growing collection of notes, ideas, and the information that I’ve managed to pick up translate itself into a format that is - ‘ready-to-be-useful’.

Enter the Kreative Learner!

Now, you could call this an online journal, a database or a repository of some sort, and while each of these descriptions may be correct - they are not! More than drawing definition-walls to live inside, the vision for ‘the Kreative Learner’ (rather selfishly) is to document some of my observations and ideas, and experiences in the hope to now, maybe, learning something from them. Having said that, I would be immensely humbled and glad if anyone else really found any utility for what I have to share.

So, what can you expect to emanate from this tiny point in the invisible cyber-realms? Well, we’re going to cover a range of topics from education to books to art, design, music and back to learning and skills development. The content here may also come in various forms - some educational, some offering critique & reviews, some interviews, some expressing opinion and some news – but hopefully, all interesting.

No pressure, but I invite you to join the party.

So without further adieu, I welcome you to the Kreative Learner!


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