For a limited time...

It was a STORMY summer evening...


... and DARK clouds filled the sky. The wind HOWLED as flashes of BRILLIANT white light lit the whole town in short, BLINDING bursts.

OSWALD TAJ, age ten, who everyone called ‘Oddy’, was a PECULIAR young boy, sorry — man, (Oddy hated it when people called him a boy).


Now, Oddy thought he was too old for stories — at least regular ones. But Oddy loved BIZARRE tales of ADVENTURE, MYSTERY, and SCARE… like the ones grandpa told.

But Grandpa’s stories weren’t regular, to say the least. Grandpa’s stories were just flat-out STRANGE. The types that were filled with CURIOUS people caught up in even more curious circumstances.


And TONIGHT, Oddy was ready for a new story. With the RAGING tempest outside, he thought it was a perfect night for a SPOOKY tale.

But little did Oddy know, TONIGHT was going to be different… because after this story, things were NEVER going to be the same for him, again!




Book One in the Shadows, Trees & Odd Mysteries Series


When a DIABOLICAL village sage schemes to have the great old NAYNAB tree in the south-west corner of the village CHOPPED down for personal gain, a DEFIANT young boy must find a way to SAVE the tree... and maybe more!


The GHOST IN THE TREES is a short story and the first book in the SHADOWS, TREES & ODD MYSTERIES series that follows the MYSTERIOUS myths, ODD occurrences and TERRIFYING tales that revolve around the little-known Naynab trees.


"Change becomes nothing but an inevitable small step when you have great feeling for the outcome it will bring." 



The Ghosts in the Trees

Book One in the Shadows, Trees & Odd Mysteries series


The ALL NEW edition is now out!


"Had me hooked like my favorite childhood cartoons. Interesting, engaging and beautiful!
Totally recommend it." — Sandeep Sharma 

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What are the Naynab? What secrets do they hold? What is the Shadows, Trees & Odd Mysteries (STOM) series about?

Welcome to the STOMVERSE!

Three stories, three different sets of heroes, in three different places, at three different times... but with one common fate!


Prepare yourself...

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Welcome to the Old Village!

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